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Term paper goes back to the early 19th century when replicating a print was inexpensive and written papers could be easily produced and distributed. Initially, terms, term paper, and research paper were used interchangeably because at that time term paper was considered to be a research paper that is to be submitted after a term. Whereas now, this no more exists as neither all term papers require research nor all research paper are term papers. A term paper is an academic paper written by students. Along with the scores of other test, grades of a term paper are also included. Before a student decides to write a term paper he/she must have a bucket of ideas, a clear plan in mind how work will execute, and ability to present the work. It is possible only if students do the maximum reading. Also, it is recommendable to write the content without referring to the research material in the first place. Firstly, it should be done on the basis of the matter students retain and when they are satisfied with it, they should refer the source reference to get the facts and figures checked. Simple and easy language is always preferred as it helps to entice a large number of readers.
Writing a term paper is not as appealing as the idea of writing it. Initially, students stuck at finding an appropriate topic. They fail to understand there is a correlation between a topic and the format. One cannot write a character sketch in 15 pages. Another few things that they should keep in mind are, they should choose short sentences over long, redundancies should be escaped and so should be adjectives and intensifiers. Students give reference to every source they have used whereas they should know citation to common information is not required. They should write only what they understand and not over do or fake it. Also, they should choose a simple and clear style of writing to educate and satisfy a large number of readers.
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