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Essay writing is a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject which is generally analytic, speculative or interpretative. It is done by the students as a part of their academic curriculum. Fundamentally an essay is designed to get an academic opinion of a student on a particular matter. Writing an essay will increase the knowledge of a student. The student should write all the relevant materials related to the topic given to them. They must collect the study materials from the productive sources where they can get all the sufficient materials for their topic. While writing an essay, students must be clear with their contents. They should adopt a strategic method so as to make their writing more purposeful. They should conduct proper research and in-depth study on the particular topic before writing an essay. They should think analytically before forwarding their views /ideas in an essay. Students must use a standard format while writing an essay. The essay writing needs lots of efforts to get the best result. Students must use a standard vocabulary while writing. A student must be very conscious while writing an essay. They must keep all the records from where they have collected all the materials.
Students are facing a lot of difficulties while writing an essay. They fail to understand how exactly they have to construct an essay. Sometimes the topic given to them is out of their syllabus. Students end up using informal words while writing an essay, which makes no sense to a reader. For them, it is a lengthy and time-consuming task. Their works are not error free. Due to lack of proper guidance sometimes the student fail complete it in time. They do not revise before submitting their work. Students most of the time fails to mention the useful information in their contents as a result of which their report become invalid.
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