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Homework and assignments have always been a part of a controversy. The debate over them is old and the attitude has been shifting from over the years. There are both opponents and proponents that have been making cases so as to support their viewpoints on the necessity and significance of homework in the academic growth of a student. Undoubtedly, homework has always helped the pupils in learning new skills, concepts, and knowledge. Homework is perhaps the most vital extension of the in-school chances to learn. It has also been seen as a very useful resource for teaching, permitting pupils to practice, and while doing so, learn the study material. It has been studied that some kind of homework policy is essential for the pupils. It is because the assignments of advanced cognitive types are considered easy for the teachers to track the learning capabilities of the students. Constructive feedback throughout the process of homework completion is way too necessary for the students as it maintains the center of attention on mastery goals constructed at the outset. It also provides the pupils with the potential support, which is indeed very crucial to create connections between the fresh erudition and prior knowledge.
Completing homework and assignment is one important task for the pupils these days. But the students face a lot of problems while working on their homework. There are many pupils who wander off from the topic of the homework. They find it difficult to focus and often lose their track. If the teacher has not provided any specific format for the students to learn, then students should make sure that they only follow the common and easy formatting style only. Also, there are many students who are not able to understand the questions of the assignment.
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