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Essay writing has become a very important task that the students are allotted these days. The skill of writing a good essay is to be able to critically converse and assess ideas within a word limit. The focus of essays is usually to develop a claim or an argument and interpret the ideas rather than the description. Reading and researching is one of the most important things that the students have to do while working on their essays. They should look through the points that they want to address in the plan and also, think about the reading that will support the shreds of evidence. Students should make sure that they use the reading lists and list of references from their lectures as a basis for their research work. The reading can be done by books, literary journals, research articles, and the online study material. The very important the students need to remember is to avoid reading through the books and chapters which are useful for them. Instead, the pupils should choose a rough plan as a guide for the essay and also search for apt pages & paragraphs. Students should make sure that they read in short time and assign 15-20 minutes for reading.
Writing an essay is often very troublesome for the pupils nowadays. They tend to face the following problems while working on their essays. There are many students who struggle with insecurities about their writing skills. Some students have faced a negative experience in the past while some of them are not confident enough to complete the essay on their own. Also, there are students who ever check their essay before submitting to the teachers. Students who are not much fluent in English are not able to write essays in a clear manner.
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